Portrait Head of a Man

In the Cecil H and Ida M. Green Classical Galleries on the second floor of the Dallas Museum of Art, the classical portrait bust, Portrait Head of a Man [130-145 AD], sits in front of a window, elegantly spotlighted by the sun. The portrait dimensions overall include 13 ½ x 8 x 8 in (34.29 x 20.32 x 20.32 cm) and 4 in (10.16 cm) base dims. The medium is marble. The bust of the man appears to be in his early to mid 40’s. It is obvious that he is a handsome nobleman or of high social status because of his shallow beard, full head of curls and powerful gaze. He wears a pondering expression with pressed lips. His head is slightly turned and the marble appears to be broken at the base of the neck- as if he were a part of a greater statue. His strong jaw leads to a protruding chin covered in facial hair which represents the style of classical philosophers and creates a since of wisdom. The size of the bust seems to be to scale. The back of the head is brushed with a reddish-brown powdery stain- as if the head had been laid face up on the dirty substance for a long period of time.

The impressive work appears to have been created between the time of the late Hadrianic or early Antonine period. It is suspected that this portrait is of the Roman Emperor, Antoninus Pius, because of the similarities with other known portraits of him. This exceptional carving portrays the notoriously ‘slowwitted’ emperor having stronger features- a wrinkled brow, a thick neck with protruding veins and round eyes. During imperial Roman rule, artists who depicted their rulers glorified them by enhancing their physical beauty in portrait sculpture. It was important for rulers and noblemen to appear heroic and strong in their portraits to further represent and embody the strength of the Roman Empire. I believe that was the intension here in this portrait sculpture of a Roman ruler. In order to create this heavily detailed bust, the artist must’ve had either the man present or a print of his face. However, to help with the portrait sculpture process, when family members died, a wax print of members faces were made in order to preserve and replicate the faces into portrait sculptures. Reverence for the family and ‘clan ancestors’ was the focal point for Roman religion during the time this portrait was made. The Emperor most likely would have commissioned this portrait, since his features are slightly exaggerated.


Remembering 9/11

Today we honor those who died this day fourteen years ago in the September 11th terrorist attack. We honor those in the military who sacrifice themselves to serve our country to prevent further deaths and harm. It is my hope that the grief for those who have died turn into a determination to preserve our freedom and blessings. As Americans, it is our duty to remember what is good, just and right and to stay united as one nation under God. 


Dive Coastal Cusine

Currently obsessed with the ‘skinny dips’ at Dive Resturant // white bean and chickpea hummus, tomato basil dip, yogurt and cucumber dip paired with warm pita bread, sesame flat bread, carrots, cucumbers and celery

Summer Sandwich 

one of my favorite things about summer are heirloom tomatoes. These beautiful orange, yellow and red tomatoes tasted delicious between whole grain bread, ricotta and Parmesan cheese and fresh chopped basil. I use Crazy Janes mixed up salt on my tomatoes and fresh cracked peppercorn. 


Summer Succulents

So proud of these succulent arrangements in virgin island conch shells. These cactuses are sure to last the whole summer through South Carolina heat and full sun!

The arrangements include Perennial ‘firecracker’, Sempervivum ‘Red Rubin’, ‘Dessert Bloom’ and ‘Green Wheel’. IMG_3151

Grow Your Own Cocktails 

This pop-up exhibit encourages passerbys to create cocktails from everyday ingredients from your garden. A creative advertisement by Dobbies garden centre, this miniature garden display can be found on George Street, Edinburgh. 

Apricot Royal // apricot preserves muddled in cognac, shakes and topped with prosecco 


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The Magna Carta 

2015 marks the 800th year of the Magna Carta’s residency in Salisbury Cathedral. Latin for ‘the great charter’, the Magna Carta is a document that demanded justice among the people of England forced on King John by barons, who were unhappy with how he was ruling the country. The document stated the rights of the church, protected rights and wealth of aristocrats, set a standardization of weights and measures and enforced that no single person or ruler is above the law. This document on social justice inspired future democratic documents in history. 


The Fashion Museum in Bath

These dresses were my favorites on display at the fashion museum in the assembly rooms of Bath, a small town about ninety minutes outside of London. The collection of fashions throughout the ages ranges from the Georgian periods up to the modern past. The collection on display rotates, but these were my favorite of the exhibit! 

Norman hartnell 1901-1979// Cream knitted silk jersey evening dress embroidered with silver beads and sequins, 1960. Worn by actress Margaret Leighton to HRH princess Margaret’s wedding reception may 1960.          

Giorgio Armani 1934// White silk wrap over evening dress, 1990. Worn by actress Victoria Tennant. 
Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen 1974// Ivory silk organza evening dress with appliqué bodice and paneled skirt embroidered with miniature Eagle motifs, autumn/winter 2011-12. Selected 2011 dress of the year by gaming bowels American Vogue magazine. 

Edward Molyneux 1891-1974// White silk crepe evening gown cut on the bias and entirely covered in diagonal lines of silver sequins, 1924. Worn to a reception in Buckingham Palace, 1924


Breakfast on the Balcony 

This morning, I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa before my day of traveling to and around the Cotswolds. I saw Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral- home of the Magna Carta, Castle Coone, the twenty-nine locks of the River Avon and the oldest pub in England. The views of the English country side were incredible- lots of sheep, horses, pigs, cows, goats (my favorite), wild flowers and roses. 


Rose Garden

This rose garden marks the outdoor entrance to the baths at The Royal Crescent Hotel Spa. The baths are heated mineral pools first used by the Romans as a social gathering place for men and women of ancient times. My massage here was ‘lovely’ ☝️

The Royal Crescent Hotel

Outside of London in the historic city of Bath, this beautiful hotel and spa lies in the centre of the finest architextural crescent of the 18th century. Beyond the walls awaits an acre’s garden oasis, charming hotel apartments and a full spa with Roman baths. The image above is the front of the crescent, the entry way into the main building of the hotel.Here is the parlor, which is to the left of the foyer of the main building. Hotel guests waiting on cars or just checking in and out relax here.

This house is behind the original crescent building, beyond the garden. The hotel bar, restaurant, spa, suites and apartments are inside this building. This is another view of the same house. My balcony is above on the right!

The Botanist 

Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow for recommending this resturant- a perfect finish to my morning at the oldest botanical garden in London // chilled spring pea soup with mint and creme fraiche, seasonal salad of herb rolled goat cheese, artichoke, kohlrabi, spring onion, purple broccoli, spelt, roast hazelnut, grilled asparagus and a pot of hot mint tea. 


Churchill War Rooms 

One of the most interesting sites in London are the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms. Underneath the streets of Westminster, twenty-one rooms complete the bunker of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Here, Churchill and his War Cabinet planned their military strategies … Continue reading


Spring restaurant is a perfect blend of modern organic architexture with an exotic ingredient based kitchen. Located in the heart of London’s art and culture district, Spring opened in the New Wing of the Somerset House this past Setember. Not even a year old, this fabulous dining room is impossible to get into, serving only the seasons fresh produce. 

Crab salad with crème fraîche, rye crackers,    pea shoots and salmon roe £19

Pasta rags with roasted datterini, marjoram and ricotta salata £13

Monkfish with borlotti, datterini, rocket and salmoriglio £32

Chickpea and heirloom carrot curry with spiced yoghurt and flat bread £18

Rosé and Dark Chocolate Truffles to finish 

Everything Green

The Toxic Flush // Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Spinach and Parsley. 
I’m feeling healthy from my new favorite juice at Nekter Juice Bar in snider plaza. I ask for ice and to hold the parsley please ✋ 


Adina Reyter

So excited to stumble upon wholesale designer Adina Reyter in Dallas this weekend. Based out of L. A., the company began in 2001. Adina’s jewelry is considered to be forever pieces that blend contemporary and classic design- Jewelry that pushes the boundaries yet remains wearable, beautiful, and timeless. Please visit her website at adinadesign.com

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.00.03 AM

Mi Golondrina


Beautiful embroidered white baby dress by Mi Golondrina $150 online. Shop women’s wear, baby and home embroidery at http://www.migolondrina.com

Read the Mi Golondrina story below..

My mother has always been excited to share her Mexican heritage with me. Earliest memories are of us dancing to our favorite mariachi band while wearing beautiful embroidered blouses and long flowing dresses. I was always drawn to the clothing as it is soft and filled with vibrant colors, but I have since grown passionate about its rich history. The romantic twirl of floral embroidery has been hand-stitched into dresses for over one hundred years, and historically women have worn these dresses on their wedding day.

I believe it is important to always be dressed your best so that you feel your best. These pieces bring me joy, which is why I love to wear them and to share them with others. To me, it is just as important to wear a beautiful embroidered pajama to bed as it is to wear a beautiful gown to the opera. Mi Golondrina was established to continue the tradition of craftsmanship so that you may enjoy it in your bedroom and while celebrating life’s special occasions.